Don't Do Koch

The more you learn about the Koch brothers and their reach to control every aspect of American life, the more you want to fight back. But then you ask yourself, What can I do to take on billionaires? What action can I take that will have real impact?

In an attempt to answer those questions, the Big Apple Coffee Party designed and implemented a campaign to both educate our fellow citizens on the insidious efforts of the Koch brothers to undermine our democracy, and to give individuals a way to fight back that will have mass impact. Our Don’t Do Koch Campaign was created to make it easy for grassroots volunteers to flyer supermarkets and give consumers reasons not to buy Koch Industries products while also providing them with alternative choices.

The Don’t Do Koch flyering campaign works. Shoppers appreciate the information, and from their responses, it is clear that it is impacting their shopping choices. All that has to happen to make this even more effective is for us to spread the word and enlist mass participation in the campaign. If you have an interest in learning more about the Big Apple Coffee Party Don’t Do Koch Campaign or in joining with us directly, please let the campaign know. We will add you to our e-mail list of flyerers and alert you when we are prepar- ing an action.

You can easily organize your own group. Our Don’t Do Koch Toolkit contains everything you’ll need.

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