Flyering at Fairway August 16, 2014

140816_Man.jpgThree of us went to persuade the shoppers at Fairway, on New York’s Upper West Side, August 16th—Emily, Bruce and me (Sally).  It was a beautiful day, and there were lots of shoppers and passers-by. Some wanted more flyers and thanked us for what we were doing, some just walked on, and of course there were a few who told us to grow up or get a job.

We were busy pitching everyone who passed – and sometimes waiting for the next rush. Lots of people took the flyers, read them and started absorbing more information about money in politics.     

My most interesting moment was with two passers-by.  One was a woman running past, who took multiple copies of the flyer and thanked me for what we were doing.  Then a man came up and said (roughly, from my memory) “This is stupid.  What about Obama — and DiBlasio (NYC mayor), who are ruining the place?  Why don’t you do something local?”  The runner then explained to him that she thought this was very local since it was targeted at people who were going into the store to make choices about what to buy.  We talked a little about that, and went on to how big money makes politicians much less likely to listen to any of us.  It ended with the man taking a flyer and agreeing that money in politics is tremendously important.

I was excited to have actually gotten through to someone I disagreed with about a lot of things—and to have someone I didn’t know (the runner) actually making some of my points for me.  Who says you can’t talk across ideological divides?!




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Great job!!!!!