Declare Your Independence Campaign Action

Flyering events are happening in many locations leading up to the July 4th holiday. 

In NYC, Rose and Nina flyered at D’Agostino on West 110th Street on Friday, June 27.  Mort, Rollie, and Nina flyered at Gristedes at University Place in Greenwich Village on Saturday afternoon.  Chuck, Bruce, and Bernadette were at Fairway Market on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Saturday at noon.

Chuck reports: I was spending the weekend in New York City, and I was looking forward to distributing “Don’t Do Koch” flyers as part of the “Declare Your Independence From the Koch Brothers” campaign.  I went with Bernadette to Fairway Market on Broadway between 74th and 75th Streets on Saturday, June 28, at high noon.  In a short time, Bruce joined us.  It was a sunny day.  It was a good flyering session. People were very receptive to our presence. Many people asked for additional flyers to take for friends. I have been distributing “Don’t Do Koch” flyers since the campaign started two and a half years ago, and I have never experienced the number of people who came up to me and wanted to thank us for doing this today.  I found that people where most receptive to my street hawking when I said, “Don’t support the Koch brothers because they don’t support us.”  “The Koch brothers spend more money on climate change denial than Exxon Mobil; the Koch brothers want to privatize social security; and then don’t want workers to have the right to organize.”  Bernadette, Bruce and I have different styles in the way we flyer, and that works well. 




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Big Apple Coffee Party announces its new campaign:

Declare Your Independence from the Koch Brothers!  

Don’t Buy Koch Brothers Products for Your Fourth of July Celebrations.”June 24 2014, NEW YORK, NY – The Big Apple Coffee Party, creators of the “Don’t Do Koch” campaign, provides a platform to stand up to the billionaire Koch brothers’ negative influence on our democracy with the announcement of “Declare Your Independence from the Koch Brothers!  Don’t Buy Koch Brothers Products for Your Fourth of July Celebrations.”

Declare Your Independence

During the week before the July 4th, Independence Day weekend, grassroots activists will distribute flyers in front of supermarkets, asking shoppers to avoid purchasing Koch brothers’ products for this holiday weekend that celebrates America’s independence from tyranny. The Don’t Buy Koch Products action will enable everyday Americans to both express their anger at the Koch brothers’ subversion of our democracy, and to educate their fellow citizens that they can take action to talk back to Koch Power!

Big Apple Coffee Party initiated the “Don’t Do Koch” campaign in New York City two and a half years ago.  2013’s April Fool The Koch Brothers: “Don’t Do Koch” on April 1st, took it nationwide for the first time with coordinated actions in New York, California, Maryland, Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Washington and Nevada.

 “Declare Your Independence from the Koch Brothers!  Don’t Buy Koch Brothers Products for Your Fourth of July Celebrations” flyerings are being organized for the week prior to July 4th to ask shoppers to defend their freedom by refusing to buy Koch products for the Fourth of July.


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West Side Markets June 5th and June 14 by Nina Bernstein

6/13/14: Linda and Nina flyered at the 98th Street West Side Market in NYC. They spoke with pedestrians and shoppers, handing out 150 flyers in 30 minutes. People asked for extra copies to give to their friends and family. 

Many people were already aware of the Koch Brothers, and welcomed us today. Nina spoke with a woman who was quite aware of the Koch brothers' affect on our society, but did not know that they own Georgia Pacific and produce paper goods and party supplies. She stated that she has been purchasing all their products, but will stop doing so after seeing the products shown on the Don't Do Koch flyer.

6/5/14: A dreary, rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny day for Linda, Bernadette, and Nina to hand out Don't Do Koch flyers, and talk with pedestrians and shoppers outside the Westside Market near 77th Street. 

Although more people are aware of the Koch Brothers negative impact on our quality of life, some people did not know that the Koch Brothers produce paper and party supplies too. 

Nina had an unexpected conversation with a man who discussed how oil is necessary because it is part of our daily lives—used as fuel in our cars, part of our fabric production, and even part of sidewalk pavement. However, he also feels that fracking and the Keystone Pipeline are not necessary, and will have a long-term harmful affect on our environment for future generations. 


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Flyering at Fairway Market in NYC by Linda Rousseau

We had a great Don't Do Koch flying event on Wednesday, May 21st,on East 86 Street in New York City in front of Fairway Market. Our little band included Nina, Jonathan and myself, along with Bernadette as our DDK photographer. Passers-by and shoppers weren't willing to talk very often but they snapped up our flyers on a pretty regular basis, and I heard more than one mutter, "Oh, I heard about them!" Ours was a cheerful group and our flyers attracted attention. There was a sense of satisfaction knowing that 190 more souls had information in their hands concerning why the Koch Brothers are bad for democracy along with alternative shopping choices! I recommend flyering! Give it a try! 

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How will Florida State ensure that multimillion-dollar grants from Kansas billionaire Charles Koch won’t warp our education?

This was the question posed by Florida State University student activists Jerry Funt, Gladys Nobriga, Lissa Reed, and Ralph Wilson in a column at 


Between 2007 and 2011, the Kochs gave $30.5 million to 221 universities  through their charitable foundations creating potential conflicts of interest for the universities accepting their donations.

Kent Miller and Ray Bellamy, in the May-June 2012 issue of Academe, wrote about the Koch influence in the Florida State University economics department. The Charles G. Koch Foundation offered to give the university $1.5 million to hire two assistant professors and fund fellowships and undergraduate curriculum on free-enterprise topics. The foundation appointed an advisory board that would award money to faculty and make sure that the work they completed fit with the foundation’s mission. Miller and Bellamy wrote, “In exchange for his ‘gift,’ the donor got to assign specific readings, select speakers brought to campus and instruct them with regard to the focus of their lectures, shape the curriculum with new courses and specify the number of students in the courses, name the program’s director, and initiate a student club.”

FSU Progress Coalition Facebook page.  

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Don't Do Koch Super Bowl Weekend Flyering

Bernadette, Bruce, Chuck, and Roberto gave out hundreds of Don't Do Koch flyers at Fairway Market on Broadway and 75th Street, NYC on February 1, 2014, to suggest shoppers buy alternatives to Koch products and why. Further north in NYC, Caroline, Dan, Jonathan, Mort T., and Nina, were at West Side Market and D'Agostino at 110 St. and Broadway. Flyering actions were coordinated to take place the Saturday before the Super Bowl. 


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