West Side Markets June 5th and June 14 by Nina Bernstein

6/13/14: Linda and Nina flyered at the 98th Street West Side Market in NYC. They spoke with pedestrians and shoppers, handing out 150 flyers in 30 minutes. People asked for extra copies to give to their friends and family. 

Many people were already aware of the Koch Brothers, and welcomed us today. Nina spoke with a woman who was quite aware of the Koch brothers' affect on our society, but did not know that they own Georgia Pacific and produce paper goods and party supplies. She stated that she has been purchasing all their products, but will stop doing so after seeing the products shown on the Don't Do Koch flyer.

6/5/14: A dreary, rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny day for Linda, Bernadette, and Nina to hand out Don't Do Koch flyers, and talk with pedestrians and shoppers outside the Westside Market near 77th Street. 

Although more people are aware of the Koch Brothers negative impact on our quality of life, some people did not know that the Koch Brothers produce paper and party supplies too. 

Nina had an unexpected conversation with a man who discussed how oil is necessary because it is part of our daily lives—used as fuel in our cars, part of our fabric production, and even part of sidewalk pavement. However, he also feels that fracking and the Keystone Pipeline are not necessary, and will have a long-term harmful affect on our environment for future generations. 


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